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Phynix Surfix® Pro S-CT

Surfix® Pro S-CT

Phynix Surfix® Pro S-CT

Surfix® E Family

Surfix® E Family

Standard gauge with firmlay attached probe

The gauges from the Surfix® E-FN Family have a firmly attached probe. Therefore this gauge is interesting for users with defined measurement applications e.g. in hard-to-reach spots.  The menu-driven operating structure ensures simple use and clear operating instructions. The free language selection – in addition to German, English and French also many other languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian and Polish – provides security in operation and prevents malfunction.

The Surfix® E devices have a large memory for measured values, statistical functions, three calibration procedures and data transmission via infrared or cable. The determination of coating thicknesses is quickly and precisely possible. With the fixed probe, coating thicknesses up to 1,500 μ can be determined.

All gauges uses two proven measurement methods for coating thickness measurement: the magnetic and the eddy current method (DIN EN ISO 2178 und 2360). Both methods provide an equally high accuracy even with thin coatings, on steel and non-ferrous metals. Surfix® E is available in three variants:

  • The Surfix® E-F allows the non-destructive coating thickness measurement on iron or steel, ie on a ferromagnetic base material, with the magnet-inductive measuring method, whereby the layers to be measured have to be non-magnetic
  • The Surfix® E-N works with the eddy current method and enables the non-destructive coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic, metallic substrates such as aluminum or copper. The layers to be measured must be electrically insulated, eg varnishes, enamels or plastics

  • Users have the greatest flexibility with the Surfix® E-FN which uses both measuring methods. The measuring signals are automatically evaluated electronically and the right measuring method is automatically selected. The correct layer thickness is displayed, whether on iron or on non-ferrous metal.

All probes of the Surfix® E gauges have a highly wear-resistant measuring pole made of hardmetal and thus have an almost unlimited lifetime. The plastic foot of the probes is provided with a V-groove and thus ensures a vertical positioning even on cylindrical or curved surfaces. An optionally available high-temperature foot enables measurement on surfaces with a temperature of up to 300 ° C.

Phynix Surfix® S / Pro S

Surfix® S / Surfix® Pro S

High flexibility with exchangeble probes

The coating thickness gauge Surfix® S with exchangeable probes is offered in two versions. Various probes can be attached to both models enabling a wide variety of coating thickness measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals. This enables a wide range of universal and specific measurement tasks, e.g. small sensors guarantee precise measurering on difficult geometries or coating thickness measurement in bores, tubes and grooves.

All probes have a highly wear-resistent carbide pole tip and therefore almost unlimited durability. Data-transfer, easy-to-use combined with high presision makes it a universell coating thickness measurement gauge.

Large data storage: The Surfix® Pro S

The handling is simple and clear: the user is provided with clear and intelligible instructions via the display. A free language selection for handling and documentation ensures a confident use of the device. A large variety of interchangeable probes for universal and specific measurement tasks offers a wide range of possibilities. E.g. small sensors guarantee precise measurering on difficult geometries. The scan-mode provides for fast evaluation of large areas by continuous measuring.

Recording and processing the data is as easy as the measuring itself.  The ergonomic design provides  provides for a clear overview in handling and reading the display. Alphanumerical file names make the data management easy and guarantee safe access for further processing. Up to 10,000 measured values ​​can be managed easily and comfortably.Optionally the data can be transferred wireless via infrared or via cable to PC or Printer.

Universal gauge: The Surfix® S

Our Surfix® S is a universal device and can be operated with various probes. Due to the our selection of interchangeable probes it offers a wide range of measurement applications. The option to store and transfer the measured data, the easy handling and the high accuracy make it the universal measurement gauge. The device is designed for tough operations in the field as well as in laboratories.

The clear menu structure guarantees a simple handling and comprehensible operation instructions. The free language selection – German, English and French as well as many other languages like Spanish, Italian, Polish etc. – contributes to an unmistaken handling and prevents incorrect measurements.

Tranferring the measured data to a PC or printer via cable or wireless infrared is as simple as the handling itself . The Surfix® S features a large data storage, statistic functions, three calibration methods and data transfer via infrared and cable. 

The Surfix® S Basic is an attractive alternative. Without memory, statistics, limit values , null-offset, interface and backlight it is ideal for cost-conscious users.

Phynix Surfix® SX / EX

Phynix Surfix® SX / EX

Modern coating thickness measurement: graphic display, PC connection, easy operation, as well as the proven PHYNIX probes

The outstanding feature of this new PHYNIX gauge is the brilliant color graphic display with improved text presentation and allows a variety of different operating languages. The standard now includes English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Czech and Chinese. The internal memory was greatly enlarged compared to the Surfix series and now allows the storage of up to 2,000 measured values. The connection to a computer is simply via USB 2.0. PHYNIX.connect, a data transmission program for all modern Windows systems, facilitates the transfer of measured values into Excel.

Two models are available: the Surfix® SX can be connected to all probes from the PHYNIX probe program. This ensures the highest possible flexibility which enables the device to fulfill many different measurement tasks. The Surfix® EX devices with the fixed standard probe are suitable for applications where the measurement tasks are clearly defined. It is easy to use and also more cost efficient compared to the Surfix® SX with the high-quality plug-in Connection.

Phynix Surfix® Pro X

Phynix Surfix® Pro X

State of the art measurement technology

Our new premium product meets the high requirements of modern coating thickness measurement gauges with its´ many new features.

A brilliant high-resolution color display is the most strinking difference to our previous premium product Surfix® Pro S. It features the use of many different character sets, and therefore substantially increases the number of available languages for user guidance e.g. Chinese. The bright high-contrast display makes for a reliable reading of the measurements from a distance or in darkness.

The platform “Industrie 4.0” demands an improved connection of measurment devices and product controls: Surfix® Pro X meets this demand with Bluetooth 4.0 und USB 2.0 interfaces and realizes a fully connected production environment. For this purpose the capacity of the data storage has been upgraded. It can now store up to 100.000 values including date, time and calibration in files and folders.

Surfix® Pro X offers exchangeable probes and highest precision combined with simple handling in almost every application area.

Phynix Surfix® easy X

Phynix Surfix® easy X

Versatile usable coating thickness gauge

The universally applicable coating thickness gauges of the Surfix ® easy X family are suitable for everyday use in the operations as well as for demanding laboratory measurements. The Surfix ® easy X series is ideal for customers who want to measure coating thickness in a simple way, but also reqiure a statistical evaluation, a wear-resistant measuring and a high production quality “Made in Germany”.

A one-point calibration function is available for carrying out difficult measuring tasks. With this calibration function, also called “zeroing”, the measurement accuracy can be increased. The built-in online statistic allows a fast display of mean value and standard deviation as well as the largest and smallest measured value.

The Surfix® easy X are offered as Surfix® easy X I with an integrated probe and as Surfix® easy X E with external, firmly connected probe. Both variants are available as combination devices FN for coating thickness measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals and as F-types for coating thickness measurements exclusively on iron/steel. Two proven measuring methods for the thickness measurement are applied: the magnetic and the eddy current process (DIN EN ISO 2178 and 2360). Both offer the highest precision even in the case of thin coatings, on steel as well as on non-ferrous metals. The FN types use both methods; The selection is done automatically when the probe is set on the measurement object.

Phynix Pocket Surfix® X

Phynix Pocket Surfix® X

Portable coating thickness gauge

The Pocket-Surfix® X-Series coating thickness gauges are portable gauges enabling quick, reliable and precise coating thickness measurement of varnish, paints and electroplated coatings on iron/steel or non-ferrous metals.

The coating thickness gauges are particularly handy thanks to an integrated probe. The measuring probe has a highly wear-resistant measuring tip made of carbide metal and thus guarantees a very long lifetime. A plastic foot with large footprint and V-groove ensures vertical positioning on level, cylindrical and curved surfaces.

The bright LED backlight enables easy reading of measured values even under difficult conditions. All Pocket-Surfix® X-Series devices have a data memory and can be connected to a PC via a USB 2.0 connection.

Three versions are available:

  • Pocket-Surfix® X-FN: for measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Pocket-Surfix® X-F: for measurements on iron/steel
  • Pocket-Surfix® X-N: for measurements on non-ferrous metals

Phynix PaintCheck

Phynix PaintCheck

Easy to use paint thickness gauge

The PaintCheck is an easy to use paint thickness measurement gauge providing fast, non-destructive and accurate paint thickness measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals e.g. aluminum. The thickness of the coating layer provides information about the coating structure, repaintings and fillings. If the measured coating thickness exceeds the standard thickness or if the measurements vary, the use of filler material for repair work or repaintings is indicated. Accident damages can therefore easily be detected with PaintCheck.

PaintCheck FN provides two established methods of coating thickness measurement: the magnetic and the eddy current method (DIN EN ISO 2178 and 2360). Both practices offer the highest degree of accuracy on thin coatings on steel, as well as on non-ferrous metals e.g. aluminum. The selection of the practice is made automatically when applying the probe. It is as fast, easy and universal as it gets.

Paintcheck are available in 3 model variants. All models grant easy and non-destructive paint thickness measurements, the high resolution guarantees a high accuracy. The PaintCheck family is ideally suited for car dealers, paint shops and surveyors.