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Phynix Roughness tester KR-110


Phynix Roughness tester KR-110

Roughness testing according to Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt

The PHYNIX roughness tester KR – 110 is characterized by high accuracy, a wide range of applications with large measuring range, easy operation and a stable construction. It is used to determine the surface roughness according to Ra, Rz , Rq and Rt and can be used for measurements on all types of metals and non-metals.

During the measuring process the sensor moves linearly along the traverse length. At the same time, the probe tip is slowly moved up and down according to the roughness profile. These movements are converted into electric signals, amplified, filtered and digitized. With the help of a digital signal processor, the digital voltage values ​​are converted into the desired parameters Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt and finally displayed.

Phynix Products

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