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Phynix Roughness tester TR-110


Phynix Roughness tester TR-110

Portable roughness testing Ra and Rz

The small portable surface roughness tester TR – 110 has been designed especially for the fast and accurate measurement on the shop floor. It works on the same piezoelectric microprobe principle as is used for high precision labor equipment. The ease of use as well as the high repeatability are special features of the TR – 110.

After pressing the start button the micro probe scans the surface within a few seconds and then immediately shows either the value Rz or Ra. To determine both parameters Ra and Rz the surface needs to be scanned only once. The integrated slide can be slid over the probe to protect the diamond tip when not in use. In addition, the 1.5 – minute switch-off mode protects the lithium ion battery against unnecessary discharge.

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