Phynix Roughness tester TR-200

Roughness tester with exchangeable probe

The TR 200 is a precision surface roughness tester with exchangeable probe for fast and accurate determination of surface roughness according to Ra, Ra and 11 more roughness parameters. Due to its small dimensions it can be used both in production and in the laboratory. The simple, menu-driven handling as well as high repeatability draw are key Features of the TR-200.

After pressing the start button the micro probe scans the surface within a few seconds and then immediately shows digitally in accordance with the preselected cut-off wavelength (cut-off length) either the Ra or Ry.

The graphic display Shows both the numerical values of the roughness and the material ratio curve. The measured data allows the calculation of 13 different roughness figures (Ra, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax, Rm, R3z, S, Sm, Sk, Tp).

Application areas
Technical specifications
Application areas

Laboratories, measuring rooms, workshops, etc.

Technical specifications

Roughness parameter:Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax,
Rm, R3z, S, Sm, Sk, tp, Pc
Measuring range:Rz,Ry,Rt,Rp,R3z,Rm: 0,02µm…160µm
Ra,Rq: 0,005µm…40µm
Sm, S: 2…4000µm
Tp: 1%…100%
Profiles:unfiltered primary profile (P-profile),
roughness profile (R-profile),
Material ratio curve(Tp-curve)
Profile augmentation:Vv: 200x…20000x 
Vh: 20x, 50x, 200x
Cut-off wave lengths:0.25mm 
2.5mm (cut-off-length)
Total traverse length:(1mm..5mm)
Tracing Speed:0,5mm/s
Radius of the probe tip:5µm
Digital filter:TRC, PC-RC, GAUSS, D-P
Display:LCD 128 x 64 dot-Matrix, backlit
Display features:Battery status indicator,
direct display of roughness and profile,
LCD brightness control, auto
shutdown (auto-off) after 5 min.,
calibration via software (for each cut-off wavelength)
Language selcetion:English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
Accuracy:ISO class 2
Operating temperature:0…40 °C
Holes from:6.0mm, depth 15mm (TS100)
Battery capacity:1000mAh (>3000 readings)
Power supply:Li-Ion accu rechargeable
Power charges:230V, 50Hz
Dimensions:141mm x 56mm x 48mm

Scope of delivery
Optional accessories
Scope of delivery

  • Device with probe TS 100
  • Roughness Standard
  • Protective cap for push button
  • Interface cable
  • Charger
  • Case for storage
  • Manufacturer’s certificate
  • Instruction manual

Optional accessories

  • Standard probe TS-100:
    For roughness testing on smooth surfaces, on properties (waves) and in drill holes up to 5 mm in diameter. Maximum drilling depth 22 mm
  • Sensors with lateral guide TS-110:
    For roughness of convex and concave surfaces.
    Min. drilling diameter 8 mm, max. drilling depth 20 mm
  • Sensors with mini guide TS-120
    For measurements in boreholes.
    Min. diameter 2 mm, max. drilling depth 9 mm
  • Extension TSE-A
    Extension for all guides
    Length: 50 mm; diameter 10 mm
  • Extension 90° TSE B
    Extension for position improvement in roughness as on crankshafts.
    Length: 70 mm x 25 mm; diameter 10 mm

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