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Phynix Surfix® Pro X

New functions for PHYNIX Surfix Pro X (functions for especially shipyards and class surveyors)

State of the art measurement technology

Our new premium product meets the high requirements of modern coating thickness measurement gauges with its´ many new features.

A brilliant high-resolution color display is the most strinking difference to our previous premium product Surfix® Pro S. It features the use of many different character sets, and therefore substantially increases the number of available languages for user guidance e.g. Chinese. The bright high-contrast display makes for a reliable reading of the measurements from a distance or in darkness.

The platform “Industrie 4.0” demands an improved connection of measurment devices and product controls: Surfix® Pro X meets this demand with Bluetooth 4.0 und USB 2.0 interfaces and realizes a fully connected production environment. For this purpose the capacity of the data storage has been upgraded. It can now store up to 100.000 values including date, time and calibration in files and folders.

Surfix® Pro X offers exchangeable probes and highest precision combined with simple handling in almost every application area.

Phynix Products

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