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Phynix Gauges

Phynix Wall thickness measurement TT-100 series


Phynix Wall thickness measurement TT-100 series

Universal wall thickness gauge with external probe

The Delta TT-100 is an universal gauge for metallic and non-metallic materials, e. g. steel, aluminium, grey cast iron, glass, ceramic, plastics or glass. The measuring procedure requires two adjacent parallel surfaces.

The gauge is chracterized by high accuracy and with an easy-to-use menue structure. Five different sound velocities can be stored in order to facilitate the measuring of different materials. The device can alos be used for determining the sound velocity.

The measurement process is simple: after adjusting the sound velocity and applying coupling gel the probe will be placed on the measuring spot. A symbol in the display signals a successful pairing  and the wall thickness can be read. For the storage of the readings 10 spaces are available.

For measurements on hot steel surfaces the Delta TT-120 can be used. A special high-temperature probe allows measurements up to 300 °C. A high-temperature coupling gel is required.

If higher accuracy is needed, we recommend the Delta TT-130, with a resolution of 0.01 mm (TT-100: 0.1 mm).

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