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Steel inspections and repair supervision

Steel inspections are carried out to determine the condition of the vessel’s steel structures and to assess the need for and extent of steel repairs and renewals. Usually, steel inspections are combined with Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM).

Steel Supervision
Steel Supervisor controls that all work is carried out in accordance with Class Register Rules, IACS standards and repair technology; calculates weight of renewed metal, controlling the quality of the repair processes and reporting on this.

This service guarantees the owner of the best quality to cost ratio.

Our Steel Supervisors are highly skilled and very popular within our clients, especially for vessels planned to repair at Far East region, Turkey or Bulgaria shipyards.

Following a steel survey, Special survey, CAP survey or owner’s interest inspection, a steel renewal plan can be provided, showing location and extent of needed repairs. This will include weight calculations and specifications, to allow an owner or manager to source the best prices in the market.

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