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Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements
(UTM) Surveys

Nondestructive testing (NDT)

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

– is a nondestructive testing (NDT) for hull structures.

It is performed to ensure that global & local vessel strength is retained. Check internal condition and remaining thickness of a vessel. Ascertain all possible areas of concern in terms of thickness measurement and close up requirements for all types of vessels.

Thickness measurements can be obtained when the vessel is in or out of operation (pre-docking or dry-docking) and is performed by qualified inspectors. Preparation of accurate and reliable report based on information from measurements, which further used for designing and budgeting repair works.

Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified in this area of work as well as in many other related areas, such as: steel supervising, photo reporting, visual inspection, and pre-purchase inspection, steel weight calculation/estimation and others.

UTM surveys we conduct:

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Additional Services

UTM Shipping Service Ltd can also provide Tightness testing, Nondestructive testing (MT, PT, VT, UT, ET) and Training Courses for Cygnus Hatch Sure equipment needed for Tightness Testing (Leak Detection) and much more. 


Our team is well trained and experienced in this field of work. The specialists are highly qualified, certified according to EN ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A (UT / VT / MT / PT / ET Level II and Level III) and equipped with modern portable devices.

Andrei Junajev

Co-founder, CEO & UTM Technician/Operator (certificate level II) at UTM Shipping Service Ltd.

Anton Junajev

Co-founder, Operations Director & UTM Technician/Operator (certificate level II) at UTM Shipping Service Ltd.

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